Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Setting our own view in CRM

Setting our own View in CRM 2011

1)    Go to Settings


2)    Go to Customizations

3)    Click on Customize the system

4)    The following Table would open. Now in navigation, click onEntities select the required entity.

5)    Now Click on Views in Lead entity in Navigation Plane

6)    Then the following window will be opened, and then you need to give the name of your view and click on OK.

7)    Now in right side of the window, Click on Add Columns 

8)    Now Select the Required fields to be displayed in you view and click on OK

9)    Now the selected field will be displayed in window in Column wise. In Right side there are two arrows which are used to navigate these fields in our required manner

10)                   Now click on Save & Close button.

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