Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mapping of Option Sets in Workflow

Mapping of Option Sets in Workflow

Mapping of Option Sets in Workflow

Option Sets assigned in each Entity are local within Entity hence cannot be used to map to another Entity in Workflows/Dialogues. So Option sets need to be declared globally.

1)    To Declare an Option set go to Settings.

2)    Now Go to Customizations in the Left Navigation Plane

3)    Now Open the Customize the System.

4)    Then the following Window will open,

5)    Now go to Option Sets in the Left Navigation Plane.

6)    Now Create a new Option set.

7)    Now give a name to the Options Sets, Add options and give label to each option and save it.

8)    Now go to the entity form where this option set is required. Click on new field, the following window will open give the name of the field and in Type choose option sets.

9)    Now select “Yes” for Use Existing Option Set

10)    Now select your Defined Option Set from the given Options.

11)    Now Click on Save & Close button.
12)    Repeat the steps 8 to 11 for another Entity Form.
13)    Now in Defining Workflow/Dialogue both the entity form fields can be mapped as shown below screen shot.

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