Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Creating Reports in CRM 2011

Reports are the graphical representation of concerned data. It consists is the replica of the data in graphical manner.

1)   Go to Workplace in Navigation plane in CRM. The above screen shot provides the description.

2)   Now go to Reports in My Work in Navigation plane

3)   Now Click on NEW in the Ribbon bar

4)   The following window will open

5)   Now Click on Report Wizard

6)   The following window will open and select whether creating aNew Report or Use an Existing Report from a lookup table and Click on Next.

7)   Now give a unique name to the Report, and give required description. Select any record from the option set forPrimary Record Type and Click on Next.
Eg:- to create a report for leads select Lead from the option sets.

8)   Now give a condition so that you can get the required fields. It better to put a condition as Status active, then it will consider all the active records from a particular entity. The following screen shot can explain you.

9)   Now Click on Next the following window opens. Now select the required fields as columns. You can also use Navigation arrows to move the column left/right.

10)            Now select the required fields and click on Next. The following window will open. Here we need to mention about type of record whether in Table form or Table with Chartform.
Note: - For table with chart should contain one numerical Column.
Click on Next.
I have choose Table with Chart option
Now the following window will open

Here you need to select a field for X-axis, as Y-axis is for mandatory be a numerical column.
Now Click on Next.

11)            Now the Report is created, the following window will Display it Click on Finish

12)            Now Go to Reports in My Work in Navigation plane
Double click on the Report name which you have mentioned
The following window will open. Now Click on Run Report.


13)            Then the following window will be displayed as report generating

14)            Finally the Report is generated. You can export it as XML/CSV formats.

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