Thursday, 1 May 2014

New features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013: Customized Social Pane, simplified Notes

New features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013: Customized Social Pane, simplified Notes

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, the cloud-based customer relationship management platform, announced new features for customizing the Social Pane and simplifying Notes.

The information is shared on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog. The Social Pane was introduced last December, and is where you can see all business interactions related to a specific record, such as an account, contact or lead, explains Anshuman Ansu in a blog post about customizing the Social Pane.

The Social Pane also shows the activity feeds, associated activities, notes and Yammer tabs (if Yammer is configured). Using form customization “enables you to prioritize what data you want to see first.”

With the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Notes has been revamped “to offer commands right inline for creating, editing, and deleting notes or adding attachments,” writes Shahzor Khan in a blog post about Notes, where he shares information about the new features. “Everything you want to do with Notes can now be done a lot easier!”

Also, in a separate blog post, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team writes about user enhancements that are part of the CRM 2013 and CRM Online Fall ‘13 release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Previously, a “limited set of these experiences” were delivered with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service update for the CRM Online customers. The new release is “a milestone in moving our customers to a new, delightful user experience,” the team writes.

“We are creating an experience that is created to support the way people need to do their work, not just the things that they work with,” they say. That includes, for example, a single window experience.

“By keeping everything the user needs in one window (unless asked for it) we lower the user’s cognitive load, making the app easier to use and the users more efficient,” they write.

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